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Professional IT Project Management

Half of all IT projects implementation end in failure. The project scope is not complied with, the project schedule time is exceeded or simply the outcome of the project does not meet the customer’s expectations. INTERIM Management team of experienced Project Managers will help you avoid frequent mistakes and will increase the probability successful project delivery.

Project Quality Assurance

  • Regular Monitoring of Project KPIs
  • Frequency according to the extent and duration of the project
  • Project KPIs – our own Red Tie Methodology for Quality Assurance
  • Revision of Project Artifacts
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation (according to our own Red Tie Methodology)
  • Consultation of further steps based on the specific phase / status of the project

Project Audit

  • One-time Project Review
  • Evaluation of the Project from the view of Project KPIs
  • Project Audit report including status of the project, including recommendation for next steps

Project Crisis Management

  • Taking over management of the project that does not meets client’s or vendor’s expectations
  • Root Cause Analysis of the problem(s) and the recommendation(s) for next steps
  • Managing project according to the proposed recommendation(s) strategy
  • Turning over management of the project, or minimization of impact

Related Project Management Processes

  • Project Governance and Process Optimization
  • PMO Design and Implementation
  • Creation of a BI Competence Center and setup of BI Processes and Methodologies
  • Preparation of Business Case for project rationale
  • Preparation of Bids and evaluation of selection process using objective criteria


Project Management Training – see Training Section

  • Training
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • English for Project Managers
  • PM Certification preparation