Our training courses are prepared and lectured by experienced lecturers who act as guest lecturers at several Czech and foreign universities. It is important to consider that in addition to our own training, we still work on client assignments and manage commercial projects. Our training is therefore up to date and includes the transfer of real-time experience and knowledge from large (and international) projects.

In the training section you will find the current portfolio of training courses we offer targeted to the participants by their seniority level. At the same time, we are ready to design custom training for you according to your specific requirements.

Besides the classical training we offer, we would like to highlight the following offering:

  • Project Team development through direct Project Manager Mentoring / Coaching on your projects
  • Unique Product English for Project Managers
  • Preparation for PM Certification

Complete training offering is available here in the attached .PDF document.

If you are would like more information regarding training courses and training schedule, please contact us at