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Agile transformation

In the field of agile management and agile & digital transformation, we provide consulting services that will help you start the journey towards a faster response to your clients' needs.

Services that start your agility

We will help you to avoid common mistakes and increase the probability of final success. Our consultants have behind them successful implementations in the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Agile training - SCRUM, SAFe, LeSS

Consultation services

By implementing projects in the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands, we have gained a number of valuable experiences that can help you in your company.

QBR/PI planning support

QBR and PI planning are rated as core ceremonies for team planning

Transformation roadmap

Pomůžeme vybrat správný přístup k agile a naplánovat celou transformaci


Setting Objectives and Key Results for setting goals that management expects from individual teams/squads

Nástrojová podpora

Recommendations for the choice of tools that you will use in agile - KANBAN boards, JIRA, AgileCraft, TargetProcess

We have trained more than 400 people

Management and development under the supervision of colleagues with more than 20 years of experience in project management and number of successfully delivered projects. Regular (weekly, monthly depending on the type and scope of the project) review with evaluation

I'm interested in training

IPMA Certified Agile Leader

We run preparation courses for the IPMA® Certified Agile Leader certification. We are an accredited partner of IPMA®.

Preparation courses guide you through the areas you need to pass the certification exam. You will understand the aspects of agile at the team level, you will get to know the functioning of SCRUMKANBAN, basic agile roles and ceremonies. You will learn how they approach agile in large companies (so-calledagile@scale). The goal is also to gain insight into lean practices and practical competencies that are often neglected and that cause the biggest problems in real life.

More about trainings


Our consultants have behind them successful implementations in the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. They are also certified in the areas of IPMA®, SAFe®, CSM and others. 


Our consultants have participated in several agile transformations using the SCRUM, Spotify and SAFe frameworks