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Estimating SW projects

Date: After course capacity is full
Training length: 1 day
Training location: Prague
Capacity: 10 places
Price: 5 500 Kč

Training information

During the training, you will learn to estimate the complexity of SW projects using methods that bring better results in the long term than the most commonly used methods of judgments and calculations. We will focus both on techniques suitable for the classic project approach (waterfall) and for agile projects. You will understand the most common reasons labor estimates fail. The training is designed to be interactive, the techniques are practically practiced so that the participants leave with practical experience ready for immediate use.

Target audience

  • IT managers
  • Business managers
  • Project managers
  • Analysts
  • Developers
  • Architects


  • Understanding what an estimate is,

  • the difference between an estimate and a liability Estimate as a probability quantity,

  • what affects it, types of estimates Estimating and working with margin

  • Typical problems of estimation failure – multitasking, student syndrome, Parkinson’s syndrome

  • Project Estimating Techniques

  • Empirical WBS IT project

  • Counting, calculations, judgments

  • Estimation by analogy

  • Ready-to-wear size method (T-Shirt size)

  • Planning poker – technique + how to create a reference catalog

  • Bottom-up, Top-down estimating Planning poker – technique + how to create a reference catalog

  • PERT – 3 estimates, work with risks and opportunities Estimating process in individual phases of the project (from identification and assessment of the business case to validation of estimates during the project).


  • You will gain skills and learn the principles of estimating SW projects.
  • You will learn about the most common mistakes when estimating SW projects.
  • You will understand the reasons why project estimates often fail.
  • You will learn about project estimation methods and when to use which method.
  • You will be able to better defend high values ​​of hard work to business clients.
  • You will make the way of teamwork more efficient.


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