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IPMA Training

We are an accredited partner of IPMA®

IPMA® is an organization that covers project and agile management in the Czech Republic. It offers an internationally recognized suite of four IPMA® Agile certifications worldwide. Individual degrees are distinguished according to seniority. Compared to other certification frameworks, the agile IPMA® emphasizes the competencies that a good leader in an agile organization must possess. It focuses primarily on the individual’s ability to understand the principles of agile management and at the same time effectively use all abilities supporting an agile way of thinking.

We are an accredited partner of IPMA® and offer preparatory training for obtaining the following certifications:

  • IPMA Agile “C” – Certified Agile Leader
  • IPMA Agile “D” – Certified Agile Associate

Prep courses guide you through the areas you need to pass the certification exam. You will understand the aspects of agile at the team level, you will get to know the functioning of SCRUM, KANBAN, basic agile roles and ceremonies. You will learn how they approach agile in large companies (so-called agile@scale). The goal is also to gain insight into lean practices and practical competencies that are often neglected and that cause the biggest problems in real life.


You can find listed trainings on our website in the training section.