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Mentoring & Coaching

Development of your project team through Mentoring/Coaching directly on your projects

Project Team development through direct Project Manager Mentoring / Coaching on your projects:

  • Management and development under direct supervision of a colleague with more than 20 years’ experience in project management with track record of tens of successfully delivered projects
  • Regular (weekly, monthly by project type and scope) Project Reviews with evaluation
    • Key Project Performance Factors (based on Red Tie methodology)
    • Status of Project Artifacts (according to your methodology)
    • Risk Analyses and Mitigation (according to the Red Tie methodology)
    • Consultation of Next Steps according to the specific phase / status of the project
  • PM Assessment and Recommendations for further development

 In addition of development of your Project Managers under direct supervision of an experienced colleague, you can be confident that none of the key factors of your project are neglected to achieve successful completion.